Welcome to my site. Since I’m both a musician and author, there’s a sub-site for each here. Follow your fancy.  – Rand

Fantasy Fiction

I write epic fantasy novels and am also the author of the bestselling series, The Art of World Building, which spawned a YouTube channel, podcast, and World Building University. I’ve authored over 25 books (not all published), under four different names, but most are my own moniker. You can check out my fantasy books here.

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I’m a composer and guitarist with five albums released (and another four lying around!). They are mostly instrumental rock/metal or acoustic guitar. There’s also one classical guitar album recorded right after my Bachelor of Music in classical guitar. I have endorsement from Alvarez Guitars, Peavey, and Morley Pedals. Hear more…

My metal band, Black Halo, will be releasing its debut album, Utopia, soon.

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